Wednesday, August 19, 2009

just dreaming

Just dreaming about all the possibilities. Thinking about the log home we want to build, and the little cabin that will come later....much much later, and the studio John has promised me for all my projects, and recycling the awesome wide plank barn wood into flooring or picnic tables and dreaming about the gardens I want to plant, the lavender fields and the pumpkin patch, cleaning up the orchard and planting new trees and what fall harvest will look like in ten years. Watching the sun sets through the window wall in the back of the house and watching the sun rise from the front porch.

Ah...I like dreaming.................

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A little bit of history

Maybe this won't be as easy as I think it might be. We made another trip down to the farm this weekend - that makes three weeks in a row. It is still exciting for me everytime we come to the wide open pastures just before our place and realize that this is ours. Let me give a little history. John and I bought 35 acres of land last year as a 25th anniversary present to ourselves. The land had been farmed for many years with crops of tobacco, and dairy cows that we know of, also a fruit orchard is on the property. Sad to say all of the land is very neglected and will take lots of time to restore it to the majestic potential that it has. The place is rich with history and we learn a little more each time we meet a neighbor. The first person to show us the property showed us the "baccy barn" and the sharecroppers cabin. Later we discoved a log building that was probably a barn or open stall of some kind. Each time we visit we find something new; blackberries, peach trees, flowers of all types, and new creatures wander onto our pathways- Deer, wild turkeys, snakes, butterflies. But the questions remain : Who lived here? Who worked here? The imagination flies with possibilities.
But now it is ours. And bit by bit we are putting ourselves into it and making it our home. I love waking up to the woods noises, and this past weekend we woke up to a lovely fog that had not yet been burned off by the sun. We accomplished several tasks on the to-do list, aside from the never ending mowing, and the only bummer was the bee stings John suffered. It is exciting to see the apples almost ready for harvest and even tasted a few different ones. Much will go to waste (or to bees and worms) but we'll have our fill before the fall is over.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Down at the farm

well i finally did it! Been thinking about beginning a blog for several months but waffled between love it and no one will read it. But this weekend I decided to just do it for me. and if anyone joins the party well then the more the merrier, cuz sometimes you just have to write it down. The idea for this blog is to track the fun down at the farm. It's been almost a year since we purchased the 35 acres and every visit we have there is an adventure. So maybe others would like to keep track of us and come along for the fun.