Tuesday, May 24, 2011


First week's pickins: lettuce, swiss chard, bok choi, radishes,
beet greens, turnips greens and onions

and a new look for the distribution shed
Week 1=Neat Clean and organized!

and lots more to come. Due to the excessive rains it looks like
the tomatoes have not gotten out of the greenhouse

It's gonna be a fun season and my job is to blog about it so check us out at
for recipes and stories about the CSA experience.

never enough thyme.....

It's been a month since we were down at the farm,
there's just never enough thyme
to do all the things you want to do once you find them

We've been to GA and back, examined my BIL's greenhouse (will blog about it later) and got to tour the "Root House" - a Civil War era home in Marietta, GA where my cutey patootie niece is a docent. She gave us an awesome tour of the house and grounds!

And then it was back home to my own garden - overgrown with myriads of weeds from all the rain but oh so yummy in its production. So far we've enjoyed many a salad whether it be from lettuce, spinach or a combination of both along with some beet greens (shhh our little secret) and we've also enjoyed radishes and a few tiny alpine strawberries.

Remember that lavender I butchered earlier this spring - well it is growing and blooming and smelling so delightful. Pruning is not for the faint of heart, but well worth the effort this time!

And then we took a trip in to West Virginia to help a friend open up her summer place and check out her rhododendrons - just gorgeous.

BUT this weekend is all about the farm. I am probably going to be picking weeds for 4 days straight in my gardens - but at least I'll be at the farm - enjoying the peace and the quiet and the earthy smells and the walks in the woods and some of my kids who are coming along for the visit. Bonfires, and smores and hot dogs on sticks and ATV rides and explorations along the creek and hopefully not too much rain or too many mice. Looking forward to the weekend!!! Can you tell?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

its all in.....

I'm warning you - these might be kind of boring... but I am pleased to report that the crops for this year are in - well almost all in - we'll do a second planting of pumpkins later but for now the potatoes and sweet potatoes and some pumpkins are here:

I told you this would be boring.

And all of these and about 2 dozen packets of seeds are now here:

apparently so was Bambi......
Now in case these gardens look small to you we planted over 1800 sq. feet
so I'd call that a good weekend worth of work

and here is a gorgeous sunset with the Blue Ridge in the background.
Now how could that ever get boring?