Sunday, May 30, 2010

long distance gardening

due to some complications, I had to stay home this weekend and John Deare and #1son went down to check on my garden and do some other chores. This is what they found - YIKES

Lots of growth - but not necessarily what we want growing - the grass is taking over the flower patch. But my menfolk did me proud and things were looking good by the time we left and a lot more was planted to so next weekend I plan to check out their handiwork in person.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

it is difficult to garden from a distance

the weeds seem to know when you are not going to be around for a while - kind of like kids when mom is not around - hmm what can we get away with?! It took me 6 hours to get my home garden in order after being gone for 10 days - and that was just the back yard.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

how does your garden grow?

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary - how does your garden grow?

It was pretty exciting to see the green leaves and stems bursting forth from my little patch of dirt. If they keep growing at this rate we'll have lots of sunflowers for the wedding (I counted about 50 plants), and maybe a pumpkin later and a watermelon at some point this summer. I weeded and mulched and made them comfy for a few more weeks until I can get back again to tend them.
Lots of fuzzy little peaches on the trees and teeny green apples - Each season has so much to look at and so much to photograph.

Enjoy the few I have posted.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

farm girl at home : The Farmer's Market

Here at home in Manassas, our Thursday Farmer's Market has begun. They are also out en force on Saturday's but it is a much calmer and engaging atmosphere on Thursdays plus I am usually at the farm on Saturday. People are friendly, stopping to chat, ask questions, and offer samples (my favorite). Above you can see my purchases for this week. I am super excited about dinner tonight, Beets, Baby squash and stuffed blossoms, fresh peas, purple romaine, local strawberries, and fresh homemade bread. I also bought another dahlia plant and a purple basil plant. All this for under $20. I chatted with the farmer from whom I bought the herbs - he allowed me to taste leaves off of a few other basil plants - just call me a rabbit, haha. I love regular basil, which I already have, and decided to try the purple one this year too. I can just see a slice of red ripe tomato, a soft white slice of mozzarella and POW - purple basil leave drizzled in a little balsmic - yummo! Now if the tomatoes would just ripen. The other basil plant I might try yet is the Italian Basil. It has large leaves, almost lettuce sized and he said they were great for sandwiches - um, a caprese sandwich on a rustic artisanal loave - oh my!
I also chatted with the pie lady and sampled her Strawberry Rhubarb pie. I will purchase one next week I think. We discussed rhubarb and she said it is up and almost ready - just needs to turn a bit redder. Can hardly wait! Farm boy and I love rhubarb anything. This year will be rhubarb jam making - I haven't done that in so long.
My CSA starts pretty soon too. I think in two weeks I need to report to work, although I haven't officially heard yet. But according to the chatter at the market things are really picking up - garlic is almost ready, everything at the market is getting more substantial in size and variety is increasing. so are the prices a little bit. Last week all onions were $1 a bunch, this week they all seemed to be $1.50.
I'm off to the kitchen to rustle up a veggie dinner.