Tuesday, October 27, 2009

headed south

Sunday morning we were on our way to early service at church when I got the urge to drive to the farm, just to see the colors along the way. It's basically a three hour trip so it's not next door, but the day was gorgeous, we had no plans, and so as soon as church was over we headed south. We were not disappointed. The colors along the way were brilliant. I was pretty sure we would be disappointed in the end result since we had the big rainstorm the day before, but it was well worth it, even with lots of leaves on the ground. John wanted to mow a bit (of course he did), but my plan was to walk for a while and/or just sit on the porch. I ended up walking for two hours and kept my camera quite busy. I got very inspired for an art project so I followed through on that (you'll have to wait and see) but mostly I just walked. I challenged myself every 10 minutes or so to just stand very still and listen. It is amazing what sounds go on in the woods. Also each time I stood still I found something interesting to photograph. Can you tell I don't stand still very often? :) At one point I thought I was lost (there is about 20 acres of woods on our property) and I admit I came out of the woods much farther down than I thought I was, but it was an amazing walk. Two hours later John found me and wanted to know what I found. I drove him back to a few of the really interesting places (an atv would come in handy!) because I wasn't ready to walk it again but we'll be back down this weekend and I am eager to continue the exploration which of course I will share with anyone who cares to read about it.
These buds surprised me, and I was enamored by the mushroom stepping stones. Isn't it neat how a tree grows around an obstacle and i love multi-colored leaves.
of course if you want to see more you can check out my flickr (on the left) or my album on facebook

Saturday, October 24, 2009

attended the Log and Timber Home Show today

No this isn't our house! But it is on the ridge behind our property and it has been inspiring to watch it go up.

Today we attended an expo of Log Home builders and producers and all that goes with building a log home. We've been before but wanted to be inspired so we:

Met briefly with our builders (we actually do have builder, producer and plans checked off the list), found the perfect table for our kitchen - only $5,000 custom made - yup I have that number right - sick, isn't it - and that does not include any chairs or benches! found a lovely bed in a much lovelier price range - might even go back for that one. Found all kinds of interesting accessories but then again it could get ridiculous and really - don't you first have to have a house before you accessorize it? - haha, that was farm boy's point but what does he know? The point is you wouldn't believe the whole entire market behind this industry - who knew? And no wonder my car doesn't fit in the garage anymore!

In the meantime we will be happy with baby steps - a little clearing of the land, a few apples "put up" for winter, sheds and odd buildings torn down and/or moved, and the simple enjoyment of a lovely place to relax. But who says a girls can't dream...................

farming in my own backyard

We haven't been to the farm for a few weeks now - the kids have been home on fall break and we've been enjoying them but I miss it and realize how much I enjoy the peacefulness of being there not to mention the beauty all around. Does one ever get tired of it? I hope not!

This weekend, when it wasn't raining, was perfect for checking on my garden here at home and deciding what to do with "stuff." My herbs especially need to be picked and pruned and all those lovely fall chores. I love my herbs, but I really don't do enough with them. Full of good intentions is what I am. I grow basil and we eat a lot in the summer - I love caprese salad. I've planned to make pesto but I haven't - although I have all the ingredients in the house. I grow sage, rosemary, and several kinds of thyme and I've always used these to stuff my holiday turkey. I have always planned to make cards that have thyme on them and the cute little quirp - "never enough thyme" but it's just a thought - must follow through!! I also have oregano which I haven't done anything with along with chives which are fun to watch bloom. Mint drives me nuts but I do use it for tea and just to run my hands in to smell. Most of the time I just keep cutting it back and snipping it here and there so it doesn't take over the place. My lavender probably gets the most use - if you call drying and hanging a useful thing. Perhaps I should make sachets or neck pillows or soap or..... I must get productive or what is the point? When we get the farm up and running I plan to have an entire field of lavender - mostly just for the sheer beauty and the fragrance of it. But for now I've purchased 5 bottles of white vinegar and 5 bottles of olive oil and I am going to make infused oils for Christmas presents - hold this farm girl to it!!
And P.S. If anybody wants any, come help yourself!

Monday, October 19, 2009

critters and varmits

I really am starting to appreciate God's smaller creatures and this one was no exception. I was sitting on the front porch, drinking my tea and watching John work, when he called me over to see this spider. It was huge and busily munching on a bee it had trapped in its web. It was fascinating to watch and as I examined his web I was blown away by the intricacy of the design. There was apparently a rip in the web which the spider had patched up with this amazing zig-zag stitch. As I watched a fly appeared on the web and "pop," within a second the spider had "bagged" the fly for a snack later. I hardly knew what had happened.

Eventually that tree had to come down and who knows where Mr. Spider ended up, but it was fun to watch and learn, and definately less threatening than finding a snake in my hallway. Only on the farm...hopefully!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

watching the colors change

We spent the last two weekends down at the farm, with a trip to GA in between for me. I was really surprised to see so little color change in the leaves when I arrived, but I was not to be disappointed.

By the time I came back the second weekend the colors were changing and more of the mountains were visible with the leaves beginning to fall. It won't be many more weeks that we can stay the weekend, we have no heat in our little trailer and it gets chilleeeeeeeeeee at night.

You can also see from the pictures that the hay has all been mowed and baled. That was very exciting. Both the front and back meadows were mown and the place looked so neat and tidy. I can tell that fall is going to be my favorite time to spend down here. So I convinced farmboy to take a walk through the woods with me.

I have way too many pictures to show you all of my favorites so you'll have to check my flickr on the left.
I was feeling creative the second weekend and decided to collect twigs and leaves for some craft projects. I found a really neat twig wreath in a store in GA, so I started to work to put one together. I also plan to mount the leaves after they have been pressed and make some cards. After all, you have to be crafty to be a farm girl, right?

Friday, October 2, 2009

farm memories

We're headed to the farm this weekend and I am looking forward to it. I am excited to think of peace and tranquility and changing autumn leaves. It is just always fun to go and see what is new. I've been looking for a few pictures that I know I have somewhere of some of my own farm adventures as a child. I did come across these of my kids experiencing one of my favorite farm activities: the sack swing, which reminds me of one of my favorite poems:
Oh I do like to go up in the air, up in the air so blue,
oh I do think it is the pleasantest thing,
ever a child could do.
I remember the adrenalin rush as you jumped off the old barrel, and hoped your legs made it around the old burlap sack so you didn't drag, the creak of the old tree limb as it adjusted to the weight suddenly thrust on it. The mild "rug burn" on hands and thighs as you clung to the rope and the sack. good times, fond memories.
I can't wait to start making them myself.
But first there are apples to pick and woods to explore and cool nights to enjoy and a beautiful drive waiting for me.