Sunday, September 25, 2011

Traveling and neglecting real life

This world is not my home, I'm just a passin' through.....
I always have a song in my head - it's a genetic thing I am told. These last weeks have been so busy and then yesterday I sat down to blog about it and after finishing the writing and adding all the pictures, I lost it. Yup pushed the darn button and woops - all gone. This new interface makes me so mad but I suppose I have no one to blame but myself. I am impatient! and I don't take my time! and then I've wasted it!
So I will try again this evening to catch you up on things.
Can he always stay this age in my heart?
First of all in less than a week my only son gets married. Yesterday was his 26th birthday. As happy as I am for him and as much as I love his soon-to-be bride I find it is hard to let go. I never thought of him as a momma's boy but I will miss him. We enjoy each other and we do a lot together. He's been home and "in my way" these last few weeks and they have been precious. And in less than a week, he reminds me he is "leaving" and "cleaving" to someone else who will take first place in his life. And in one week after the honeymoon they move all the way across the country to San Diego. I'll miss his always messy room and his creatures that he paints, and the paint spills on the bedding and the carpet and the jerseys that hang on the wall. He has moved it all out of his room and it felt so empty I had him push the elliptical trainer down there to fill up some space. That actually frees up some space in "my" craft room so I am working on organizing that so I can actually get some work done in there.
Aside from the wedding I have been busy getting ready for speaking at two women's retreats. The first is in San Francisco and the second here in VA., all within the next 4 weeks. My material is almost ready to go but I find I am usually doing my best work at night so in the morning I work, in the afternoons I run errands and do household chores and in the evening I write and study. I am definitely reaching my goal of less TV! My CSA job is almost over - just a few weeks left of blogging about vegetables and that unfortunately means time to get them from the grocery store or get up early enough on a Sat morning to go to the farmer's market. I've also started a new job at my church in the childcare department so I work several mornings a week with kids - all ages from 8 weeks to 4 yrs old although I try to get in with the babies as much as I can - that gives me my granny fix for a bit and I can stop pressuring my kids to produce! On any given week I can see and hold and play with up to 60 different kids (Wed is Bible Study, Thursdays is MOPS, Fridays is Body and Soul and they are all attended by different people) so I definitely think I am getting my fix. On Thursday nights I've started tutoring in a low income neighborhood nearby. Everything starts up new in the fall!
near Pemaquid Point - after "Irene" had been through

Before all this crazy schedule got ramped up I did have a beautiful trip up the east coast to Maine and then down the southern route to GA. Ten days, 12 states and lots of people in between, made for a really fun time.
 Sunset on North Pond
And getting to see Kayla play volleyball again was a bonus. I almost missed my coaching days - but not enough to sign up for that too!

October 1, 2011
Chapel at Quantico

 the bride and groom

Now in five days I will have a house full of the ones I love. And we'll be making memories to last a life time!