Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for! It's a lovely day in Georgia and actually the day after Thanksgiving but since I am surrounded by family  - who are playing games and we're all stuffed again, it seemed like a good idea to once again give thanks. My contributions to this year's meal were limited - but that's kind of nice for a change. I did make pies - an apple cider pie and Grandma Hansen's rhubarb pie, and I also made the sweet potato casserole - with the crunchy cornflake topping. I am looking forward to a slice of pie in a little bit.
But thankfulness is the topic here so let me list a few things - just to keep record for myself. It has been a good year. We've kept in business another year - even though John had to move the office home and do some layoffs, we still have a business which supports us and several employees and we have work to do. We may even dig out of this hole at some point if it keeps up like this so there is much to be thankful for. I have found work this year in various forms and those jobs have helped as well. The biggest new experience job wise has been the speaking engagements that have come about - who knew I would enjoy that so much! And I have been able to do lots of craft and art projects this year. Travels have been enjoyed and over 20 states have been visited. And best of all has been the new addition to our family - daughter in love, Laura, and the fun family times that surrounded that fun event.
Health issues have cropped up over the year for several of us but God is good and things that could be worse have been solved or  solution options are being sought.
And farming has been fun. We've not spent much time at the farm but we did have a great harvest of sweet potatoes and my globe amaranth harvest was almost overwhelming. I dried tons of it and used some of it to make wreaths for Mike's rehearsal dinner. And photos were successful this year as well. I enjoyed writing the blog for Stoney Lonesome Farm and one of the pictures I used was "found" by Bon Apetit. Woot woot!
So much to be thankful for - its been a good year!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

so neglected

4 weeks! since I last blogged - what a violation to blog land. I've thought about it, and certainly had plenty of inspiration around me but just didn't get there. So my apologies to anyone who has missed me and if you didn't well then here's a new read.
I've been across the country and back. Exactly four weeks ago I was packing up to fly to San Francisco and speak at a women's retreat. I had a lovely time, made new friends, saw new places, and made a decision that it was a good time to search out my roots. I've made this decision before and things did not pan out for one reason or another but this time I have committed to the search and the find. I have a very knowledgeable friend working on it who lives locally (I was born outside of San Fran) and I am digging through everything I can get my hands on to get info to her. Adoption was a very different ballgame in the 60s than it is nowadays so we will see what we can find.
Speaking was greater fun than I expected. Aside from the fact that sweat was rolling off my back, I felt calm and felt like it went well. Comments were favorable and follow up emails have been great. I could get used to this as another ministry for this phase of my life, provided there are more people who want to hear what I have to say. I did another retreat here in VA which also went well. It was at Grave's Mtn Lodge which is a beautiful setting. I have one more speaking engagement in December for a senior group in PA and then next year for a MOPS group. I'm also working on some different material so people have options.
On the home front we've been rolling along nicely. Getting used to having John's office in the house and his assistant a couple days a week. I've been up to my usual tricks - made about 8 qts of applesauce and have another batch to do. Roasted 6 pumpkins and froze that for future feasts. I made a delicious apple cake this week which was gone in a flash since I took it to small group. I've also been busy crafting since Christmas is coming. My yahoo art group made Thanksgiving banners and now we are swapping Christmas ornaments. I am having a Mary and Bright sale in early December so working on some surprises for that too. Will start to feature those after Thanksgiving.
Speaking of Thanksgiving we will be headed to Atlanta via Lookout Mtn to see Kayla play basketball. Then we'll all head to Ensign and Lisa's for the weekend.
But first this weekend we have to head to the farm and winterize the place before the pipes burst.So our last trip down there for a while. OF course there will be pictures from there too so perhaps it won't be 4 weeks between posts this time.
thanksgiving banner each member of CPA donated a pennant 

 a delicious harvest lasagna with kale, butternut squash, Ricotta cheese and Parmesan

 In the meantime - Blessing to you on this Thanksgiving week. May your attitude be one of gratitude. We have been given MUCH!