Monday, October 17, 2011

playing with the goats and the electric fence

My daughters and I went for a Sunday drive, cameras in tow, to look for pretty pictures. Well actually our goal was to pick up our last CSA share. Yes another season is over - almost - turns out we get a bonus week! Yay! While at Stoney Lonesome Farm we enjoyed walking the farm and enjoying the crisp air and the view. The leaves didn't seem to be too much changed at the farm (there's an awkward sentence). but Fall was definitely in the air. We were walking along minding our own business, calling to the horses and goats in the field, when "something" bit me. "I think that fence is electric," called Kayla! DUH! without thinking she had put her hands down on the wire. As she got zapped she pulled back which cause the wire to rock and hit me while leaning over to take a picture. No one was hurt but it sure gave us the giggles for a few minutes. Kayla refused to open any gates or touch anything after that. The scenery was gorgeous and I am happy to share it with you.
 still coming - pumpkins

 a group of kids were picking beans for "the hungry" in DC
 a little taste of fall

 another "taste" of fall...colorful swiss chard
" come play with me"

keeping her distance from the fence

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall...My Favorite Time of Year

I do love fall; the cooler temps, the beautiful colors, the pep in the air, the time of renewal. But this year I have let it get away from me. It's been a busy month+ with a wedding, some travels, sickness and more travels. We have been to the farm twice - quick trips each time but oh so relaxing as you drive onto our property and feel peace. If only it were closer! We even missed out on most of the apples this year. It wasn't too great a year for production with the crazy weather but after one picking we returned to find the majority of them on the ground. Darn - I am almost out of homemade applesauce too! The Arkansas Blacks are still on the tree and will get picked next trip. They really are best if they sit a while over the winter so hopefully I'll get a few pies and so forth out of them around the holidays. Here's a review of the last month - in pictures and if you "read" all the way down to the end have I got some fun news for me - squeal!!!

 the last of the flowers from the farm
and "Making Hay while the Sun Shines"
 Baby boy gets married - Oct 1, 2011

Mike and his lovely wife Laura
 playing peek-a-boo - see the bride on the right? 
great shot captured by our friend Steve
 Grandma and Kayla - after collapsing at the rehearsal dinner and spending much of the night in the ER, grandma was present and perky the next day!
 The Underwood clan
My daughter shows me what she'll look like as a mommy - Be Still my Heart
 The Love of My Life!
 The signature Underwood candle holder
available for sale
Goodbye flowers - hello leaves

And my news - which really isn't that big but still exciting - Bon Apetit magazine has contacted me about using a picture of mine in an upcoming issue - they actually found it on my other blog - the one I get paid to do - Woot Woot - will let you know the details when I know them.