Tuesday, November 2, 2010

fall at the farm

We headed down to the farm Saturday to get a few fall cleanup chores done and to enjoy the crisp air and colors. The colors are so disappointing this year - so muted and brown. But it was still a nice drive and time together is always well spent. I was surprised to see lots of flowers still growing in the garden. the zinnias especially were cheerfully blooming. I picked everything that was left before John Deare mowed it all down; made a bouquet and pressed some of the remainder for later. We also took a nice long walk in the woods and collected acorns - who knew there were so many shapes and shades? I feel something clever and creative coming on. The dog loved it too. Fortunately no deer taunted him into a chase, but he did discover a raccoon in the old cabin - he just couldn't get him since he stayed up high but he wanted to in a bad way. Now we're all cleaned up til next time. Probably one or two more trips in and then it will be time to drain the pipes before they freeze. Here's hoping and praying the economy picks up before next year so we can get a nice warm place to stay on the property.