Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hello world!

Sort of like spring, I feel that after a long hiatus of dormancy, I am bursting forth from the ground in new colors. In any event I have renewed my commitment to blogging and have so much to tell you about. Forget all of the reasons why I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving. It is April and all things are NEW
                                                                      a new view

I have a new address and yes, it is out in the country. In a small drive thru, one traffic light town called Catlett, we are now the owners of a 17 acre abandoned and abused farm and we are thrilled with the potential and the possibilities. But its gonna take a lot of work which means lots of stories to share with you.

I have a new home, which I have been working on making a "home" for the past 3 months. We officially moved in on Jan 2, and I think we've accomplished a lot since then.

the view from the back includes house, greenhouse and barn/silos
Most importantly I have a new garden - oh what fun it will be. With that garden came a new tiller - fun garden tools - I feel so industrious and I feel all sorts of blogs coming on as I begin yet another new adventure.

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