Monday, September 24, 2012

The New Farm

I've made noises over the last year about needing to move and looking for a new place to dream our dream of a small working farm and here we are six months later, with a new place to call home. "Lord willing and the creek don't rise", sometime in November we will own a 17 acre farm in Catlett, just 12 short miles from our current home but in a county that is friendly to the idea of owning a small business and running it on/from your own land. Not to be taken for granted because almost all surrounding counties do not permit you to do this. We are thankful, to say the least. With the current economy and the way business is struggling, it is not always possible to rent or own land that is zoned appropriately for our business - currently a million an acre to purchase where we currently rent. And even though Obama apparently built this business and not the blood, sweat and tears of the Aylestock and Underwood families, he won't help pay the rent! So we are off on a new adventure... 3058 Catlett Road...........

"Will you have to sell the other farm?" is the most frequently asked question we've heard since our plans were made known. "We don't know, yet." is our answer. While it seems silly to us to own two farms, the other property is hands down more beautiful than the new home. And with all the work this new adventure will bring, we have to be realistic about the upkeep of two places but also knowing we have a restful peace filled place to escape to has been what carried us along during this hard year. So who knows? and only time will tell, I guess. In the meantime here are a few pics and we'll share more of the adventure as it comes along.

the view from the house

A barn, 2 silos and a milk house await our labors

View from the barn - a good size pond is located where the dead tree stands tall

The milk house makes my creative juices flow. I see a small shop in my future.

LTC will be housed in the grove of trees

A lot of work awaits us; every stall is filled like this

Formerly a wholesale nursery was on the property

the remnants of the nursery

a small house also needing lots of rehab

there is more work here than meets the eye

the view from the back of the property
Now taking sign ups for volunteers to help empty the barn and greenhouse - she said grinning.....


  1. Can you see how high my hand is raised for volunteering!!!!!!!!!!!! name the day.
    (love love love the milk house)

  2. Joan - You'll be the first person I call after my kids - for them it is mandatory - smiles