Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Marco and Beena
 I wrote a truly melancholy post yesterday. It was so depressing it made me cry so it will probably stay in the draft folder and instead I will share some fun pictures of my extended family. One moth ago we gathered in Florida for the funeral of our brother-in-law Marc. Along with the mourning, grieving and hard times, we spent one evening at his favorite venue - the beach. We rushed from Tampa to Clearwater to make it in time for sunset. We threw flowers from a few of the funeral bouquets into the water and said goodbye and then spent time just being together on the beach - in the dark. It was good for all of us after a very hard day.

the gang

 Derrick was missing from this picture - because he took it and Lynnette had already left for her flight home

siblings in age order

 Mark, John, Ensign, Andrew, Sarajane, Luke, Nathaniel and Sabrina - what a good looking bunch of kids. Karla, the oldest sister, was not present.

the cute nieces and Uncle John (?)


Never underestimate the power of family. Whoever said that knew what they were talking about!


  1. What a great family! Thanks for all your updates on Facebook the past two months...you helped a lot of us stay connected to Sabrina and what was going on. Now I look forward to seeing that great farm become your home! - Robin (Gardner) Smith

  2. Prayers Mary. To you and all the family.

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